"There's A Reward"

Reggae's Prestigious



In gratitude to JOE HIGGS - FATHER of REGGAE, the JOE HIGGS MUSIC AWARDS (JHMA) was founded and dedicated to his Honor and Memory, in 2006, by his daughter,  Marcia Higgs.


The Vision of Reggae's PrestigiousJOE HIGGS MUSIC AWARDS (JHMA), is... to not only acknowledge the "Mainstream," but also, to recognize and direct attention to, the award-worthy "Independent" and "Underground" acts of the Reggae Genre, stemming from Jamaica and/or any part of the WORLD.



All JHMA nominations must first meet the appropriate  content criterion, in terms of lyrical content, etc. A JHMA winner is decided, solely,  by virtue of the number of votes that the act receives. The JHMA criterion, categories, and nomination portals are published on the website for all to see. From there, the voters will submit a nomination form for each individual, group or band they feel deserve to take home the reward. The JHMA Committee then review the nominations, verifies that all criterions are met, the votes are tallied and the winner will be determined, solely, by the total number of votes or nominations received. The top 5 nominees will be notified and the individual, group or band with the most votes in each respective category will get the reward.



We trust that you will support the JOE HIGGS MUSIC AWARDS with a financial gift. This will be used to offset overhead costs, such as the purchasing of awards, the renting of sound equipments and the securing of a proper venue. We are very committed to hosting ceremonies at educational institutions, as  Joe Higgs was an Educator, not just in Music, but in Math and the English as well.



For your financial gift of $10 or more, you will receive a Thank You Letter. For $20 or more, you will receive a Letter of Appreciation.  For $30 or more, you will receive a Certificate of Appreciation. Please click on the Secured PayPal link below to send us your gift.  Thank You, very much, in advance.

Marcia Higgs
Tel: 781-479-8382Email: marciahiggs@yahoo.com



1st Annual JHMA

December 8th, 2006

Kovens Conference Center @

Florida International University

North Miami.


2nd Annual JHMA

December 8th, 2007,

Simmonds College of Arts & Sciences

Boston, Massachusetts


3rd Annual JHMA

Saturday, June 13th, 2008

Lynn Arts Neal Rantole Theater

Lynn, Massachusetts